dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Minimalistic life

Two keys on my keychain
Six people in my phone
And two suitcases of stuff
Are scattered through my home

Unknown in the neighborhood
And without a favored place
I try to create daily habits
Between the unknown I face

I always stutter when I speak
Sentences are abstract and short
A synopsis of a foreign speech with
Body language as last resort

Two addresses in my agenda
Hardly any hobby’s to attend
I’m meeting a lot of nice people
But it’s hard to replace a friend

I’m not sad and I’m not lonely
These are the finest of my days
It’s just hard not to romanticize;
My abstract and minimal ways

x Ron

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ronnnn!
    ik lees mee
    genoten van je gedichtje

    kus krista

  2. Me dagen zijn koud,

    me hart die is warm

    Ron, als ik je weer eens omarm.

    Voel ik me lekker!!

    Ik wil me lekker voelen...

    Groeten Rinus!
    Almere buiten!!